[clug] clug] Gnome - Gimp was not installed by default

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Tue May 28 05:24:31 UTC 2019


I found it strange, GIMP was not installed by default in Debian Buster
(RC5) I wonder why?


Buster (Debian 10) is not released yet. This page is barely scratching
the surface, and anything in the current buster (testing) release is
subject to change. See the official (but still in-progress) buster
release notes and buster issues/warnings for additional information.

New Features

    AppArmor enabled by default (so far...)

    Wayland is the default session type for GNOME 3.
    Kernel new enough to support mounting SMBv3 encrypted shares
    Tool "find-dbgsym-packages" (in package debian-goodies) 

6 reasons why GNOME is still the best Linux desktop environment
GNOME 3 is a responsive and stable environment that allows the user to
focus with minimal distractions.
04 Aug 2017 Jay LaCroix Feed 229

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