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In response to your comment, "My grandfather's transport was by

My father's transport was by horse, also by Cobb & Co horse drawn
coaches (in his younger days).

Mice were those things you tried to keep out of the pantry, not put on
desks, lol. As for computers ... short wave radio from the UK was the
best one could hope for.

It was not until later in 20 December 1939 that Australia would start
radio broadcasting.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Australia

It is amazing how short a time it is since electronic technology
became a thing, contrasting with how long we have had written
languages, mail delivery systems, government structure, and other
things assigned to 'civilisation'. 

But really I dislike it when we take backward steps. 

First we started using tablets of stone, then clay, then eventually
developed paper, and now we are returning to using Tablets once again,
it is so sad to see... 

(please realise the above statement is 'humor', just in case someone
misses that).




On Tuesday, 28-05-2019 at 00:44 Bryan Kilgallin via linux wrote:


> For a mouse user like myself, their
> answers aren't solutions, just reasons not to use Gnome (i.e. Mouse
> Keyboard navigation).
> To explain more clearly. Having been a mouse and menu user, whenever
> read "use this xyz keystroke combination", I interpret the statement
> meaning, "the interface is so 'mouse-illiterate' you have to resort
> using near impossible-to-remember keyboard short cuts, like in the
> pre-GUI days of WordPerfect".

My grandfather's transport was by horse!

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