[clug] Gnome3

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Sun May 26 13:43:21 UTC 2019


> Do you use a desktop or a laptop mostly.

My workhorse is a PC. Whereas the laptop is for fieldwork.

> How many monitors does the
> computer that you are using have ?

I only use it with one.

> When I am using my laptop, I am using the laptops screen and two
> external monitors, when using a desktop I am using two 27" monitors
> (only because I cannot fit three).

For the laptop, I require portability. The extras that I pack into its 
case, are a mouse, a graphics-tablet, and a book-stand.

> To answer the question "Can you tell me the reason why tray icons are
> useful?", I normally use Weather (outside temperature), Time & Date,
> Volume control for mic and headphones, a quick way to access
> networking (particularly Wifi), status of chat (Discord), a great
> place to pin screenshot, Workspace switcher for four workplaces. Only
> occasionally do I pin a CPU performance indicator.

I was very impressed by your highly-computerised family! Perhaps a 
discussion of such, might be a seminar-topic?

> I guess you just typed
> the name of a program, I am not effective at typing names of computers
> so this is not something I do. I use a mouse to manage the opening,
> position, and selection of applications. My hand is only on a keyboard
> when I am typing in text into a word processor or programming text
> editor, running a command at a terminal. Then I am thinking about the
> next activity, my hands are resting, usually away from both the
> keyboard and mouse.

Long ago, my operating-system was OS/2 Warp 4. And its special-feature 
was that everything could be voice-operated! I actually used the 
microphone mostly for dictation. Which led to a verbose e-mail style!

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