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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun May 26 13:03:56 UTC 2019


Do you use a desktop or a laptop mostly. How many monitors does the
computer that you are using have ?

When I am using my laptop, I am using the laptops screen and two
external monitors, when using a desktop I am using two 27" monitors
(only because I cannot fit three).

To answer the question "Can you tell me the reason why tray icons are
useful?", I normally use Weather (outside temperature), Time & Date,
Volume control for mic and headphones, a quick way to access
networking (particularly Wifi), status of chat (Discord), a great
place to pin screenshot, Workspace switcher for four workplaces. Only
occasionally do I pin a CPU performance indicator.  

A visual workplace switcher is easier for me than pressing keys
combinations I have to remember, maybe when I have used it lots I will
get used to it, after all I should not consider Super + Page Up or
Page Down that hard?

Since Gnome already displays Time & Date, Network link, Output volume,
Power off, log off in a tray, it just seems strange it does not allow
other things too.

"Instead of hitting Enter to open the program, just press Ctrl +
Enter. Super easy."  - I would not even know how to hit "enter" to
start a second instance of an application ?  I guess you just typed
the name of a program, I am not effective at typing names of computers
so this is not something I do. I use a mouse to manage the opening,
position, and selection of applications. My hand is only on a keyboard
when I am typing in text into a word processor or programming text
editor, running a command at a terminal. Then I am thinking about the
next activity, my hands are resting, usually away from both the
keyboard and mouse. Like Brenton, I have been very much mouse oriented
in the way I work.


On Sunday, 26-05-2019 at 21:16 Chris Smart via linux wrote:

On Sun, 26 May 2019, at 13:59, George at Clug via linux wrote:
> Can someone tell me the reason why the Tray Icons were removed from
> Gnome ?  WHY?

Can you tell me the reason why tray icons are useful? WHY? As best I
can tell, they are irrelevant.

> Why does selecting another instance of a program from the Activities
> quick launch list, only open the currently running instance. I have
> learned that I need to Right-Click the applications Icon to open a
> Instance, but what is the reasoning behind this behavior? OH, is it
> because there is no Task Bar to select it from?

Instead of hitting Enter to open the program, just press Ctrl + Enter.
Super easy.

> Gnome ???  Its UI Design leave me pondering, "why ?".  I am
> definitely an old style Windowed User Environment user, I miss
> Applications menus, Tray Icons, Task Bar as my working habits are
> I extensively use the mouse for controlling/selecting applications.
> far I have added these three MISSING items using Extensions, but
> I ask myself, why bother using Gnome, if I am just turning it into
> Cinnamon/Mate/Xfce ?

Get with the times. I have found that GNOME 3 is a far more fluid and
efficient way of working if you just get over your bias and try to
learn something new for a while. I hated GNOME 3 for about 2 months
when I first started using it, but I persevered now I honestly can't
stand using an "old" desktop like Xfce or GNOME 2 (or even KDE for
that matter).


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