[clug] Gnome3 & Switching between programs

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sun May 26 10:32:37 UTC 2019


How do people switch between programs?

Consider the following situation.

Within the same Workspace using two monitors: 6 terminal windows, 6
instances of Firefox with approx 10 pages loaded each, 4 virtual
machine windows, 6 instances of a Text editor, 1 or 2 graphic editing
programs, a chat program, and maybe a few other programs.

What is the best method for switching between these applications?  I
have to admit that even a task bar has trouble being effective.

 I have found that I can use Alt-Tab. Alt-Tab shows the running
programs, and then when a running program is selected, the various
instances of that program are displayed below. This seems quite
effective. I can select an individual instance with either the mouse
or keyboard.

Pressing the "Super" key brings up an interesting view of running
programs that I can then select the required program. My challenge is
to get used to this method.

Are there any other methods?


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