[clug] May 2019 CLUG Meeting

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon May 20 23:40:01 UTC 2019

  Canberra Linux Users Group - May 2019


 Date:          23rd May 2019 (Fourth Thursday of the month)


 Time:         18:00 - end

 Abstract:     It's BeerSIG time!
               'What's BeerSIG?' I hear you ask! BeerSIG is a social
               gathering, and an opportunity to get together with
               like minded people and share a social pint.

               This month we're back at  Badger & Co, the new pub
               in the Kambri precint, otherwise known as the old Union
               Court. Be aware, the pub is cashless, and only takes
               Payment via debit or credit cards. If you can only use cash
               of the physical variety, then you can probably convince a 
               fellow clugger to assist you with your purchase.

 Location:     Badger and Co
               On the right as you cross the bridge into Union court
               Look for the table with a stuffed toy penguin


 Time:          19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

 Title:        Home Automation: The opensource way
               Alastair D'Silva

 Abstract:     You may have had grand ideas about home automation, but have 
               been dragging your heels, in part due to the numerous ecosystems
               available, and the massive integration challenge that it involves.

               Alastair has done the hard work and created some of the tools 
               required to take control of his home. He presented this as a 
               workshop at this year's Linux Conference Australia in Christchurch:

               He'll be recounting the interesting story about what it took to put 
               the workshop together. He may even have put together a few more bits
               of custom hardware too, if anyone wants to rut through it at home.

 Venue:        Room N101
               Computer Science and Information Technology Building
               North drop
               The Australian National University

               See http://clug.org.au/ for more directions and a map

 Food/drink:   Pizza and soft drink/juice. Come hungry, and bring
               about $6-$7 to cover the cost of your share if you
               want some.


 June Meeting - 27th June 2019 (Fourth Thursday of the month)

 Brad Marshall will be giving a talk on comparisons of technologies currently in use in industry 
 today. Block vs object storage, virtualisation vs containers, docker vs lxc, rancher vs kubernetes.
 see https://lists.samba.org/archive/linux/2019-May/037196.html for a shade more info


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