[clug] Setting permission bit with a mount option

Brett Worth brett.worth at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 07:14:39 UTC 2019

On 17/3/19 3:49 pm, Paul Wayper via linux wrote:
> AFAIK the permissions on the directory the file system is mounted on set the
> permissions for the root of that file system.  Are you not seeing that?
> I.e. unmount the file system, do `chmod 1777 /mnt/target`, mount the file
> system on `/mnt/target`, permissions for root directory should be 1777.

Hi Paul.

The permissions seen on the mounted mountpoint are the ones from the root directory of the
mounted filesystem.  They totally override the directory's permissions.

I was specifically looking for an entry I can put in the fstab because the cluster
management software I'm using has an XML definition of the filesystem where you can
specify the "options" column of the fstab entry.  The entry for the mountpoint name
doesn't include the permissions.

This will have to be a post boot permission change I think.


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