[clug] Docker Introduction

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sat Jun 29 21:34:34 UTC 2019


" an intro to docker"  - that would be interesting. Please make it
practical starting from installing Docker and setting up the
environment. Use CentOS if you want as most commercial systems use Red
Hat. I have tried to follow a number of "intros" but they seem to jump
though things way too fast for people not used to docker. Maybe I
could test out your "intro" for you once you have it together?


On Sunday, 30-06-2019 at 07:19 Brad Marshall wrote:

Hi all,

On Sat, 29 Jun. 2019, 21:33 George at Clug via linux, 
	*  wrote:

 But I guess there are things you cannot easily use containers for? If
it were possible I would love to see a demo (that I can follow along
with) on how to containerise a Minecraft server. But I don't think a
Minecraft server is written to be containerised.

You don't need to write a server to be containerised, its just a
restricted set of processes.  You expose services on a port by port
basis.  There are some things you have to account for, but you can
mostly run anything you want.

I might start writing an intro to docker talk and see how it goes,
Steve will have to bug me for a timeframe.


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