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Brad Marshall brad.marshall at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 06:31:18 UTC 2019


On Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 4:24 PM Matthew Oliver <matt at oliver.net.au> wrote:
> Yeah container sync doesn't scale too well. Better to just have regions. There are some patches that never landed that improve it tho,
> if it's a pain point I'm happy to go blow off the dust and shepherd them in :)

We were using it to move data across regions, so I guess we had both?
:)  Although I've just moved on from the company that was doing that,
but if there is a better way to do it I'll definitely pass it on.

> Another option is swiftstack's 1space[0] which does syncing much better and they've written and released it open source. Can't find the GitHub link atm, it's 404ing but will ping to see if they've moved it (ie to some other org or done a product rename).
> [0] https://www.swiftstack.com/docs/multi_cloud/1space.html

That does look like an awesome product, interested to read up on it
more.  It also looks like it might solve the issue of moving data
across swift regions nicely.

Brad Marshall
brad.marshall at gmail.com

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