[clug] Private Browsing?

jhock at iinet.net.au jhock at iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 24 00:09:53 UTC 2019

Hi Elay,

I use ToR browser and don't have this problem. I think, and I'm happy to be corrected, that your history is being tracked by cookies. Maybe you could try deleting all cookies, turn off cookies and run the same tests to see if the results change. 


On 24 June 2019 09:21:29 GMT+10:00, Eyal Lebedinsky via linux <linux at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>Something I notice when using firefox (FF) is that some sites remember
>me or my history,
>and FF seems to be aiding this. I want to understand what is going on.
>For example, I go to ebay, browse some items, and a panel shows "Your
>Recently Viewed Items".
>I close that tab and open one again and it still remembers this (never
>logged in). OK.
>I now start ff, then add a Private Browsing (PB) window and open ebay,
>browse items in a few tabs,
>close the ebay tabs (PB window left open) and clear data and history
>(via preferences, showing zero
>cookies, data and cache).
>  -> A new ebay tab still shows the history.
>I now close the PB window (FF still running) and open a new PB window.
>  -> A new ebay tab does not show the history.
>It seems that what I do with FF allows the site to remember or forget
>my browsing, regardless of
>clearing history/data. What else can I clear?
>My question is: where/how is this history kept?

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