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Stephen Hocking stephen.hocking at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 10:45:42 UTC 2019

It was based on a rather elderly version of Ubuntu (14.04 as I recall) and
updates for the ARM version of that were not frequent. You'd be running
elderly insecure versions of firefox, for example.

On Mon., 3 Jun. 2019, 20:33 George at Clug via linux, <linux at lists.samba.org>

> On Monday, 03-06-2019 at 18:13 Stephen Hocking wrote:
> > Hiya,
> >
> > I did spin up Ubuntu Touch on my 2013 Nexus 7 tablet (which is now
> running
> > LineageOS). It worked OK, but there was a paucity of apps.
> 1) https://lineageos.org/legal/ is sure a polished web site with a great
> look. If LinageOS is where as well presented as their web site, then I
> expect good things.
> 2) You mentioned "paucity of apps" ?  I don't actually use "apps".  On the
> Windows 8 tablet PC I use, I still head to the desktop, load up Firefox or
> Windows Explorer and play downloaded Linux Conf MP4s using Windows Media
> Player. Occasionally look at photos taken by a "Camera" app (so I guess I
> do use at least one app). I would use a navigation app if I had mobile
> Internet, but I do not.
> If you don't mind sharing what "apps" you use/like/find useful, then
> please let me/us know.   I want to learn more about "apps", what and why it
> is people use them.
> Does anyone else use "apps" as opposed to normal Personal Computer style
> applications? If so, what are they and why do you use them. Is it because
> the apps are tailored for use on a small screen and/or a touch screen?
> I was watching a YouTube streamer last night, and though he is much
> younger than myself, he stated that he only uses this mobile phone while
> sat on the toilet, otherwise he would be using a desktop with nice large
> screen. I relate to the "desktop with nice large screen" it really is my
> main way (99%) of using a personal computer. At home my laptop is docked
> and used as a 'Desktop with three monitors,' and is only used as a laptop
> when visiting others.
> I wonder if people's use of mobile devices relates to multitasking?  I
> have been told that some people watch TV while also reading or watching on
> a mobile device. And I have seen people unsuccessfully attempting to walk
> while using a mobile device. I know some people can use mobile devices
> during business meetings, if I were to do that I would miss too much of the
> meeting.
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