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Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Jun 1 08:15:32 UTC 2019

On 6/1/19 4:10 PM, George at Clug via linux wrote:
> Hi,
> Who has tried KDE Desktop recently?

I've been using KDE with Debian and Slackware for a couple of decades.
> Today I installed Debian Buster KDE Desktop, and was amazed at how
> much it has been updated since I installed it from other Distros.
> The KDE GUI is menu driven, and thus I actually quite liked the new
> look and feel. 
> Very polished and stylish looking.
> If anyone has comments, I would be interested in reading.

It's not anywhere near as slow as people claim (unless you enable all
the bells and whistles). If you want to make it use less resources
you've been able to replace parts of KDE with RazorQT for some time now.
It's configurable to the nth degree - some people don't like
configuring, others do. Choices are good.
I run Android apps natively.
I can access the Desktop from my phone and the reverse using KDEConnect
(typing SMS on a keyboard is easier). I like using my phone to control
videos and music in the lounge room too
KDE SOEs are well received by former Windows users, and it's a couple of
quick configuration changes to provide the same UI for Apple users.
Plasma has a neat tablet/netbook alternative to the desktop UI which is
handy for smaller screen devices. See also https://www.plasma-mobile.org/
KDE has a wide range of themes and apps available. https://store.kde.org/
Assistive support is great - screen reader etc.
> I would ask, is the KDE Desktop well supported?

Yes (seriously? https://kde.org/). Possibly better than GNOME.

>  And are there still
> any issues with ownership of Qt ?  

Where there ever any real issues?? (see last paragraph)

> I guess FOSS purists would have
> issue (e.g. Richard Stallman).

What's a "FOSS purist"? (and who's writing the narrative).
Free Open Source Software is about choices... (isn't it?). Or do we
ignore the "GNU Is Not Unix" and then wail about Linux not being UNIX
(hate systemd, hate change)??

<snipped supporting evidence of choices not restricting usage and

I prefer QT to GTK, and I don't believe there is no middle ground
between functionality and form (it should work and be visually
supportive - beauty is possible if not so pretty it distracts from purpose).

Note: "they" can't pull the plug on QT

Kind regards (and happy computing)

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