[clug] "League of Entropy" and 'drand' - anyone heard of it, using it?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 8 04:18:02 UTC 2019

This seems a big deal to me for some public, transparent and auditable processes - not just “Lotteries”.

With so many Linux boxes out there with the Intel CPU hardware RNG added into /dev/random,
this could be very widely sourced and difficult to compromise.

	Examined it?
	Using it?
	Running a node?



League of Entropy: Not All Heroes Wear Capes
June 2019

> The League of Entropy provides public randomness that any user can retrieve from leagueofentropy.com.
> <https://leagueofentropy.com/>
> Users will be able to view the 512-bit string value that is generated every 60 seconds. 
> Why 60 seconds? No particular reason. 
> Theoretically, the randomness generation can go as fast as the hardware allows, but it’s not necessary for most use cases. 
> Values generated every 60 seconds give users 1440 random values in one 24-hour period.


Drand - A Distributed Randomness Beacon Daemon

Drand slideshow, 15 slides + notes.

> Distributed, bias-resistant, unpredictable and publicly verifiable randomness
> Nicolas GAILLY, 2018


League of Entropy

[redirects for me to Cloudfare]

At time of writing, “Index” is 92885.
These seem to be stored and retreivable

> Randomness Retrieval and Verification
> To retrieve and verify the latest random value using the experimental configuration, install Golang v1.11+, set your GOPATH, and execute:
> go get -u github.com/dedis/drand 
> cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/dedis/drand 
> go build 
> ./drand get public deploy/190604/group.toml


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