[clug] [OT] Bézier curve

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Wed May 30 02:58:48 UTC 2018

Thanks, Scott:

>>> They are useful when you want to select an area that's not a
>>> square/rectangle, or a circle/oval - or to create a curved (or
>>> serpentine) "path" that text (or effects/filters) can be applied to.
>> Please refer me to a Web resource on employing such techniques.
> There are thousands of them.

Continental Europeans used MyPaint. They were artistically gifted!

> But you are best using a guide that is specific to the software you have
> chosen to learn.

I have bookmarked tutorials and videos about MyPaint.

> And GIMP might be a bit steep of a learning curve for you.

I watched a French artist using Alchemy to create atmosphere. Then he 
used Gimp for general effects.

>> I learned using traditional physical art tools. Please suggest a Web
>> resource on using software to make art.
> That's a broad question (software, art). Pick a program and then ask
> (the program forums) how to do a thing you couldn't find an answer for
> in the Frequently Asked Question section.

Edit-Preferences-Devices, lists: mouse; pen cursor; pen eraser; 
keyboard; pad; pen stylus; and XTEST pointer.

Edit-Preferences-Buttons, shows mappings for the pen buttons. I thereby 
found that button 1 was the tip, button 2 lower-shaft, and button 3 

In a terminal window, I tried "xsetwacom --list". Which showed: stylus, 
pad, eraser and cursor.

Atop the tablet are five buttons. The centre one wakes up 
Bluetooth--which I don't use. The other four buttons are not assigned. 
How might I do so?

> I've looked at it, but it lacks many of the features I use.

The French artist finished his work with MyPaint, adding details.

> I'm gradually replacing GIMP with Krita, which is even more powerful
> than GIMP.

I haven't tried either!

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