[clug] VICI works on Debian!

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri May 4 07:28:14 UTC 2018

I now have two instances of vici (0.10-689) running on two containers,
one under Debian 9 and the other under Centos 7.

In both cases, I ssh to the container with -X option to allow the vici
X11 transport to connect back to my main desktop to display the GUI
bob at lxchost2:~$ ssh -X vici
bob at vici:~$ export VICI=/home/bob/vici-0.10
bob at vici:~$ vici-0.10/bin/vici &

and away it goes.

Now I just need a script to test it with...

In the case of the Debian install, the final part to get a clean compile
(and, I mean clean - no warnings - well done Brenton!) was:

bob at vici:~/vici-0.10/build$ for h in lua.h luaconf.h ; do ln -s 
/usr/include/lua51/${h} stage/home/bob/vici-0.10/include/ ; done

(ie. create symlinks for lua.h and luaconf.h to somewhere the configure
script had added to the include path).


Bob Edwards.

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