[clug] Updated version of VICI

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Fri May 4 02:18:35 UTC 2018

Dear Brenton:

>> On your sourceforge.net page, I could only find this link to your
>> sourceforge.io page. And it does not say at all that it's for user help!
>> {Follow vici
>> vici Web Site}
> The other link is in the "External Links" menu on the SourceForge page.

You have two SourceForge sites. Cross-reference each to the other. So 
that a reader can navigate between them!

>> Whereas on this sourceforge.net page, clicking the "Help" tab--merely
>> explains that SourceForge.net is a hosting provider!
> I have no control over SourceForge's design - personally I think its a
> mess.

On each page, you have space to write. Clarify navigation between sites.

>> You have lost me. On your sourceforge.net page--I cannot find a menu on
>> programs, in which to search for help about VICI. I have seen clearer mud!
> That menu is on the VICI programs (the ones we are trying to build). It
> will be visible to the users of the programs.

A picture of your menu, goes in your "Project Samples" list.

> You seem to be conflating the process of developing the programs (which
> is what SourceForge is about) with usage of the resulting programs.

Software is meant to be used!

> I would value your comments on the user guide. However, please remember
> that it is still under development, and that I am not a professional
> technical writer - be gentle with your comments.

I have seen that argument before. "Volunteers are incompetent!".

Best wishes,

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