[clug] Updated version of VICI

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Thu May 3 14:27:37 UTC 2018

Hey Brenton:

 >> https://sourceforge.net/projects/ocratato-vici/
 > The options available are a bit restricted by SourceForge - I have the
 > choice of "None", "Wiki", "Tickets" or "Discussion".
 > This option is really for the support of other developers that want to
 > work on VICI's development.

 > User help is provided from VICI's home page
 > https://ocratato-vici.sourceforge.io/
 > There are two links to that page on the SourceForge page, and there is
 > also a link to it from the "Help | About VICI" menu on the programs.

On your sourceforge.net page, I could only find this link to your 
sourceforge.io page. And it does not say at all that it's for user help!
{Follow vici

vici Web Site}
Whereas on this sourceforge.net page, clicking the "Help" tab--merely 
explains that SourceForge.net is a hosting provider!

You have lost me. On your sourceforge.net page--I cannot find a menu on 
programs, in which to search for help about VICI. I have seen clearer mud!

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