[clug] Updated version of VICI

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Thu May 3 13:56:04 UTC 2018

Thanks, Brenton:

>>> The next thing on my schedule is to update the user guide.
>> On your SourceForge vici page, clicking "Support"--does not reveal your
>> user guide.
>> https://sourceforge.net/projects/ocratato-vici/
> The options available are a bit restricted by SourceForge - I have the
> choice of "None", "Wiki", "Tickets" or "Discussion".
> This option is really for the support of other developers that want to
> work on VICI's development.

That claim contradicts this statement on your project home page.
"Vici aims to make the UNIX command line programs easily available to 
the users of Linux GUI desktop environments."

But on that page, I clicked the "USER GUIDE" TAB.
This seems confused, and in need of revision! I mean that it doesn't 
read properly.

{The User Guide for VICI

This section will be the guide for users to build and run scripts.

A preliminary version is available as a PDF. vici-user-guide.pdf}


>> On your above page, I clicked on the "Files" tab, and downloaded
>> "vici-user-guide.pdf".
>> I found this underwhelming!
>> {2 Quick Introduction to Using VICI
>> More to go here later.}
> Given that the program is unfinished and not yet ready for normal users,
> I don't see any rush to write that section. I prefer to work on the bits
> that will help anyone who is trying to test it.

You are excluding a vast swath of Linux-people!

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