[clug] MyPaint Preferences

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Thu Jul 26 00:48:12 UTC 2018

I am now looking at the Keys section of this manual page.

{Here you can define keyboard shortcuts that don't involve the pointing 
device. You can use every key of your keyboard, except for the following 
keys) or combinations of keys:

     Esc, Enter, Backspace, Tab, Print Screen and the arrow keys

In the left you see all available actions, on the right are assigned 
shortcut keys. Click on a cell in the right column to edit the keys. A 
warning will be displayed if you choose a key (combination) that is 
already used by another action.

All menu items can be used with a shortcut.}

One default is as follows.

{Keyboard Mapping: *Popup Menu*, Show the main menu as a popup. *Menu* 
Key combination.}

I have a Logitech K310 USB keyboard. Upon which I cannot find a Menu 
key! Which would be appropriate?

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