[clug] MyPaint Preferences

Bryan Kilgallin kilgallin at iinet.net.au
Wed Jul 25 11:45:18 UTC 2018

{Here you can see and restrict pointing devices to specific tasks on the 
canvas, or have them ignored completely if they glitch your drawing. 
Click on the text in the "Use for..." column to open a popup list. You 
can also limit an input device to non-painting tasks like moving or menu 
controls. This is especially helpful when you have a pen&touch-screen 
and you want to make sure the is no drawing with touch. The last column 
sets the behavior for a scrolling wheel, either zoom or move the canvas.}


I am trying to understand the devices corresponding to my Logitech M325 
mouse. This has an X/Y pointer, left and right buttons, a scroll-wheel, 
and clicking the scroll-wheel.

MyPaint's Preferences window lists three devices of type "Mouse":
	* Logitech M325, 4 axes;
	* Logitech USB Keyboard, 3 axes; and
	* Virtual core XTEST pointer, 2 axes.

For each of these, "Use for..." can be set to:
	* Any Task;
	* Ignore;
	* Non-painting tasks; or
	* Navigation only.

Similarly, for each device, "Scroll..." can be set to:
	* Zoom; or
	* Pan.

How can I identify which software-devices correspond to each 
mouse-function? I am especially baffled as all three software-devices 
can be set to "Zoom" or "Pan"! I would like to set-up MyPaint's device 
preferences so that the mouse selects options, zooms and navigates 
around the painting, but doesn't paint.

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