[clug] Writing Training Materials

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Mar 25 07:08:27 UTC 2017

Arjen Lentz' comment hasn't appeared on-list. Perhaps he's not subscribed?

> Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been involved with writing training material,
> training adults, public speaking,
> and more recently involvement with materials for use in primary and high schools,
> and doing projects in schools, I do agree with most of Bryan's points.

Though most of my teaching was of adults, I have also done a few years 
of primary. The _psychology_ is important!

> I don't think teaching adults can be equated with teaching in a primary school,
> not is writing training material the same as delivering training.
> And there are many people with various skills who do not have formal training in those topics.
> They will have acquired experience, which takes time.

I remember being told that an expert crane-driver--could make a lousy 
crane-driving instructor! For commanding a machine--is different from 
communicating with a mind.

> With writing training materials and teaching there are many aspects to learn about.
> Much of adult training offerings out there are crud. And frankly, so is lots of school material.
> And yes, assessment is also part of it.

Making trash can be quick and easy. Whereas effectively facilitating 
learning requires time and effort! Unfortunately, resource constraints 
for this project have not yet been defined.

> I think people who are interested can definitely produce good quality over time.
 > I don't believe though that someone who doesn't yet have experience
 > should be tossed at a real project with a short term delivery objective.
> That reeks of a case where a manager or company doesn't itself understand what training entails.
> Little good will from that, despite best efforts of the person tasked.

Even such a basic as being interested in education--is not a given here!
Public speaking can be scary.

My Management of Organisations lecturer spoke of a "learning 
organisation". Yet I have found in practice that "What is your training 
policy?" can have the de-facto answer "If you forget something, we fire 

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