[clug] future of CLUG main meetings

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 28 00:22:29 UTC 2017

On 27/06/17 21:11, ANTONIO MARZANO via linux wrote:
> Hi all,
> Bob, I was in digest mode and I switched it off so that I could reply to
> your email. I have copied and pasted parts of it and appears below:
> No one has yet come forward with any proposals for future talks at CLUG,
> so I'll default come in and propose a talk-fest on privacy-enhancing
> Linux distros for August, unless anyone does want to propose something
> different. Preceded by BeerSIG, of course.
> Tony (the one who attends CLUG monthly meetings) has indicated an
> interest in talking about using Tails and another distro that I am
> unfamiliar with (and can't remember the name of...).
> I'll discuss Whonix and also how and why to set up a VPN on a private
> (Linux/Debian) VPS in a cross-border location (how do you spell
> meta-data?).
> Anyone want to update us on QubeOS, or other?
> cheers,
> Bob Edwards.
> I have indicated that the earliest I could give this talk is August.
> July is out for me because I have other priorities and deadlines. So
> long as that is agreed, I can prepare for August or later if required.
> Unlike most people on this list I don't have a background in computing.
> That is, I don't have a degree or work experience in computing. I make
> that point because in preparation for the talk, especially on Tails, it
> will take me a lot of note taking and practical experience on my part to
> be able to present to an audience with years of practical experience and
> knowledge. In other words, I am up for the challenge but I can't do it
> off the top of my head.
> The other linux distribution that I discussed with you is probably not
> privacy-enhanced. It does share something in common with Tails and that
> it is possible to run it from a portable drive. This is how I came
> across both systems. For me, Tails was a challenge to install but once
> implemented I could see the utility of being able to use it on a daily
> basis. The name of the other linux distribution is Porteus. It is a lite
> distribution and is based on slackware. The liteness should not deter
> anyone from trying Porteus as there are lots of customisations available.
> While I have enough knowledge on Tails and Porteus to be able to install
> it and get it up and running I only have some familiarity with both
> distributions. As the talk is scheduled for after July, I would rather
> discuss any issues after I have gained more familiarity. Since Bob has
> put forward a privacy-enhanced theme, Porteus will more than likely not
> get included in that talk.
> Regards,
> Tony

Thanks Tony - presently looking like October 26th for the privacy-fest
(as Steve has dubbed it). Sorry about the confusion over Porteus.

We are very happy to hear a talk about anything Linuxy/FOSS from anyone
who is keen to have a go. You certainly don't need a degree in CS. This
is a "User Group" after all. I, for one, am interested to hear about
your experiences with both installing and using Tails.

Let us/me know if we/I can help with any preparation etc.


Bob Edwards.

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