[clug] Remote connection

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Feb 4 08:32:20 UTC 2017

I used to have a working Linux mobile phone. To which via USB, I 
connected my PC running Ubuntu. I recall getting them talking via SSH. 
And then using say Midnight Commander on the PC to exchange files.

Whereas I now have a router connected via Ethernet to both my PC and a 
laptop. Both of which run Ubuntu. And I have e-mailed a few photos from 
the laptop to the PC! But I would like to try a similar connection to 
what I had mentioned with that phone, though now via Ethernet.

Ubuntu Software Centre knows about these applications:
	* HotSSH Secure Shell;
	* PuTTY SSH Client;
	* Remmina remote desktop client;
	* SecPanel; and
	* Vinagre Remote Desktop Viewer.
Of those I see that Remmina is already installed. Though I couldn't find 
a user manual for it!

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