[clug] an idea for CLUG tomorrow

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Wed Apr 26 10:37:51 UTC 2017


So how does this sound

I was contacted by a recruiter who is keen to speak for a few minutes about
Linux jobs he sees on the market in Canberra and skills with Linux there
seems to be a demand for.

Initially this could just be a little commercial sounding, however it occurs
to me it could be a good intro to a round table.

Maybe after hearing what he has to say others at the meeting can talk about
Linux thigns they do in their day job.

When have you used Linux, have you manged to introduxce Linxu to solve
somehting interesting. Has Linux always been a part of your work, in what
ways to Linux skills come in to play in your work.

Get up and tell others there about it and see if any ideas cross polinate
(seeing how others use Linux at work may solve something for you)

What do you all reckon? Sound like something worth discussing?

Bob has used Linux for his work since CLUG began, other people not so much,
however I think there is scope for this discussion even if there are only 10
people at CLUG.

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