[clug] oops, forgot to look at the calendar

Bryan Kilgallin (PC) bryan at netspeed.com.au
Thu Sep 22 12:21:23 UTC 2016

Hi Steve:

> So with no announcment of a meeting and no volunteers to talk about random
> geekiness tonight (on my far too short notice) nothing happened tonight.

Incorrect, there was indeed a meeting; I attended it!

> Again I apologise, rare to have no CLUG in over 20 years of regular meetups.

Present were: Bob; David; Eyal; Keith; Dennis; me; Kunshan & George. 
Bob, George & Eyal got Wi-Fi going on my newly-acquired laptop. The ACT 
election and federal census were discussed. Bob mentioned the ACT voting 

> I am at home doing more reading and looking for my books aboout Lex, Yacc,
> etc and programming language theory to try and get my idea for next months
> talk better reaearched and ready.

I feel unfamiliar with those topics. So I'd like structure and 
illustration. Can you suggest any prior learning? That might be intro 
reading, or installing software.

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