[clug] OpenStack slides etc.

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Tue Jun 28 16:22:22 UTC 2016

    Stephen, Steven,

I for one would be very interested in hearing about Ansible.
Specifically in relation to OpenStack installations. Whether together
or seprate, I would love to see a talk on that TrippleO Ansible,
production level installation of OpenStack.  I am use it would be
complex enough for several talks.  I am finding that Devstack gives a
limited installation of OpenStack, while even for a test or
development environment, I would like to see a more full installation
of OpenStack that I could play with and get a greater understanding

In fact if anyone has the understanding and is willing to show us how,
I would like to learn about how to install OpenStack as separate
components, similar to how it would be in the "real world".

Depending on what others request, I am also interested in hearing
about NextCloud, as its existance is an interesting development for
the OwnCloud application lifecycle.

It seems for now we have some great topics for the next few months.

Question for all CLUG attendees, what topics are you interested in?  

And do you have OwnCloud/NextCloud, OpenStack, Ansible interests ?

To me there seems to be more interest in the above topics than my own
curiosity with various Desktop Environments and different Themes. When
we had people share their use of Linux, I very much enjoyed seeing how
others used Linux, as in the demos of Ubuntu, Gnome, and Korora.


At Tuesday, 28-06-2016 on 21:25 Stephen Walsh wrote:

On 06/28/2016 08:59 PM, George at Clug wrote:
> I guess what makes me suspicious about Ansible is this page
> https://www.ansible.com/pricing   free Open Source software does
> come with a 'pricing' page.

Redhat owns Ansible, and you can buy support, and managment tools 
(Ansible tower), but you can also apt/yum install ansible, and have
the functionality you need, or check out the project code from their 
repository and extend it yourself if you want.

I'm happy to give a talk on ansible in either the July or Augist 
meetings if a) people are interested, and b) SteveH doesn't have
lined up already

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