[clug] WebSDR

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Aug 30 13:10:58 UTC 2016

Thanks, Peter:

> This is an Amateur Radio application.

The format seems different from my memory of analog tuning on a 
shortwave receiver.

> I am an Amateur Radio operator,
> and have used waterfall displays in a professional role, so this type
> of display and the buttons (and the descriptors) is almost second
> nature to me.

I am familiar with AM, FM and SSB. Though not satellite communications!

> However, I can certainly see how this can confuse people coming to it
> with fresh eyes.

My Swedish pen-friend found Wikipedia's SDR article too technical! 
Though he had been in signals during national service. And since 
volunteered as a community radio DJ.

> Give me a while and I'll write or find a how-to.

Thank you.

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