[clug] Any Small USB Wifi Adaptors of AP?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Tue Aug 16 22:55:58 UTC 2016

I wondered this as well especially when we were seeing connection
problems between iPhones and the device in the field.

I tested it one evening borrowed another staff member's iPhone set up a
unit and tried various ranges and angles with a nano wifi-USB adaptor.
To give you a better idea the current set up is with our device as a
client and another device as the access point for the initial
configuration and software up dates. This is problematic in several
respect. Not least of which is that many use iPhones and the phone's
name is used as the access point's SSID. Hence, this question about
small wifi adaptors that can be used as an access point to flip that
relationship between the phone and the device.

In the end the test wasn't as a scientific a test as I wanted.
Regardless, it seems that the wifi is mixed polarised as the angle
didn't seem to matter. The range is minimum of 5m through walls and I
know it has been used up to at least 15m.


On 15/08/2016 15:47, Rodney Peters wrote:
> I've seen suggestions that polarization of signal is important too.  All 
> stations should have the same, usually vertical, plus an adaptor behind a 
> metal case could be somewhat shielded.
> 1/4 wavelength for 2.4 GHz is about 32 mm.  Shortish adaptors possibly OK, but 
> the nano ones  might be less effective.
> Rod

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