[clug] Any Small USB Wifi Adaptors of AP?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon Aug 15 00:15:01 UTC 2016

I'm looking at building a Linux based Wifi Access Point in a constrained
space. There is only room for a nano or possibly a mini wifi apdaptor
(ideally the nano). The Atheros 9k is known to work but the only one
I've found is the TP-Link TL-WN722N which is 170mm tall when you include
the antenna. The maximum clearance available from the edge of the USB
connector is 20mm outward. Sidewards there is a little more space say
10mm either side for a total width of 35mm.  This is for a residential
set up so range only needs to be 50m. Is there another chipset which can
be used with Linux to create an Access Point and/or a Wifi USB adaptor
which can be used to provide an Access Point in this constrained space?


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