[clug] Off topic: Maidsafe as a cloud?

jhock at iinet.net.au jhock at iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 11 06:26:40 UTC 2016

Hi all, 

Sorry for an off topic matter but this relates to the Owncloud, Newcloud and other discussions about cloud storage. 

I've tried to set up Owncloud but it got too complicated with plugins. I've been waiting for someone to say how easy Newcloud is but haven't seen a response. 

I've noticed Diaspora could be used as a cloud for storing photos, music, contacts, emails, etcetera, but it doesn't encrypt the data,  hence privacy concerns. I then came across Maidsafe, which does encrypt the data. It also seems that if I were to store my smart phone's data, photos, music, etcetera, on my computer, then I could get a distributed, encrypted backup of all that data using Maidsafe. 

Has anyone used Maidsafe or have comments about this strategy? 

Thanks in advance for any replies. 


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