[clug] OT: Horrific speeds on NBN

Adam Baxter voltagex at voltagex.org
Sun Aug 7 05:56:30 UTC 2016

On 29 June 2016 at 12:01, Carlo Hamalainen <carlo at carlo-hamalainen.net> wrote:
> On 03/08/2015 16:49, Carlo Hamalainen wrote:
> > My parents have a new nbn connection, a 25/5 plan from TPG. Download
> > speeds are very different based on the site being used:
> >
> > * Downloading HD video from youtube using youtube-dl: 2.2 MB/s
> > * Downloading a tarball from my EC2 host (US-east): 80 KB/s
> > * Apt-get update using au.archive.ubuntu.com: 80 KB/s
> > * Apt-get update using us.archive.ubuntu.com: 80 KB/s
> *snipped*

voltagex at devbox:~$ host au.archive.ubuntu.com
au.archive.ubuntu.com has address
au.archive.ubuntu.com has address
au.archive.ubuntu.com has address
au.archive.ubuntu.com has address
au.archive.ubuntu.com has IPv6 address 2001:67c:1360:8001::21
au.archive.ubuntu.com has IPv6 address 2001:67c:1560:8001::11
au.archive.ubuntu.com has IPv6 address 2001:67c:1560:8001::14
au.archive.ubuntu.com has IPv6 address 2001:67c:1360:8001::17
voltagex at devbox:~$ host us.archive.ubuntu.com
us.archive.ubuntu.com has address
us.archive.ubuntu.com has address
us.archive.ubuntu.com has IPv6 address 2001:67c:1562::19
us.archive.ubuntu.com has IPv6 address 2001:67c:1562::16

I think the *.archive.ubuntu.com geo-dns thing is completely broken


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
18  xe-4-2-0-core1.thnor.uk.as6908.net (  309.389 ms
307.044 ms  310.418 ms
19  ae1-core0.gsld2.uk.as6908.net (  308.713 ms  307.057
ms  309.238 ms
20  canonical-gw.datahop.net (  310.700 ms  307.239 ms  307.155 ms
21  danava.canonical.com (  287.605 ms  290.291 ms  289.941 ms

So the first IP for au.archive.ubuntu.com is pointing to a UK server!
Note: this depends on the behaviour of wget or apt-methods/http.
Yesterday I was routed to a US server for that hostname. I wish I knew
who to contact for that.

Your best bets (at least IMO) for Debian and Ubuntu
* debian.anu.edu.au (good job iiBorg, you've routed this through Melbourne)
* mirror.optus.net (straight to Sydney)
* uberglobalmirror.com
* mirror.linux.org.au (when it's back).

I thought congestion was my issue now, but I see that it's silly
routing by TPG. For a laugh, if you've got a friend on TPG ADSL or NBN
in Canberra, get them to traceroute your iiNet/Internode IP address -
when I tested this it went around Australia and back instead of just
going through Canberra.

If anyone has contacts at TPG or what remains of iiNode, can you find
out what they're doing with their routing?


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