[clug] Invites to keybase

Ambrose Andrews ambrose at vrvl.net
Fri Aug 5 13:18:08 UTC 2016

On 05/08/16 21:51, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> I also have some unused invites if anyone wants. You will need to be
> able to (loosely) verify your identity - with a website you own/control,
> or a social account e.g. twitter.
> If you need more information about keybase.io, there's plenty of
> documentation on the site. It is not recommended to use for high
> security encryption (your private key is under their control), but it's
> useful for a large number of other uses.

You can set it up so your private key isn't under their control.

I have my public key up on the page and use local software to do any 
decryption / signing.

Others can still use the javascript interface to encrypt to or verify 
from me without any compromise required on my part.


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