[clug] Desktop environments vs for CLUG topic 28th April

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Thu Apr 21 11:10:10 UTC 2016

    Sadly the malware authors have already discovered linux.  

It is true that the more popular you are, the more attention you

Anonymity does provide some level of protection.


At Thursday, 21-04-2016 on 20:08 Bryan Kilgallin wrote:


> If Steve can talk about AARNet Cloudstor, lets leave Desktops until
> don't have a topic, or a scheduled topic becomes unavailable, though
> if I find anyone who has an real world interest in Linux as a
> OS for the general public, I would like to pursue this topic with
> them.

I'm fine with Linux being a minor desktop player. Otherwise malware 
authors might discover it!


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