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Wed Apr 20 09:59:57 UTC 2016

    Hi all,

I am hoping the topic for 28th April is still "Desktop Environments
and GUIs".

I am looking forward to what you want to contribute to the topic.  I
would like to see a follow on topic for next month to be about the
various applications you use and why is it that you use the
applications over and above other applications that may do similar

I am putting together a very small Impress slide show (only three
slides so far and there is some overlap between slides).  

Below the topic points are to provide a basis for general discussion
(this Linux List has been a bit quite the last few days), so if you
have time, please contribute your thoughts about what you look for in
an Operating System, and what OS do you use and why.

Slide 1
"User's purpose for using a computer" - why or for what purpose do you
use your computer?  To be honest I have never though much about this
before, and when I did, it was mostly for 1) email 5%, 2) researching,
building and testing computer systems 94.9%.  Other things like
playing games, watching movies (youtube, etc), social media, random
topic Internet searching are things I have seen others do, but are
quite rare for me.

"User's personal preferences and styles of working" - For me an
operating system allows me to run multiple applications at once, in
separate free-floating Windows that can be arranged in whatever
position and size that enables me to use them most effectively, switch
between the applications, has a simple menu for finding and launching
an application, and displays useful information like current time,
date, network status, volume control, power status, screen switcher,
screen capture.

"Computer – Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, Server" - I guess I have
used all of these, but the Desktop would be 90%, with 2% server, 5%
Laptop (i.e. portable desktop), 1% phone, 2% Tablet.  Because I
mainly use a computer as a desktop and object to touch screens for
desktops/laptops, I loathe any Desktop user interface features that
even remotely exist only to have a similarity to that of a
phone/tablet [touch screen device].

"Choices provided by the Operating System" - The more flexible the
configuration of the Desktop Environment is for user preferences, the
more happy I am, I can spend much time choosing the set up that
appeals to me. Choice is great.  Maybe not in a large enterprise
where help desk staff need to assist users.

"Object  From: Steven Hanley 

> This could work if a few people want to put together a bit of info
> how they use linux, what they had to overocme to use it as their
primary (if
> anything) config difficulties they have encountered with hardware
and other
> computers to do so. Maybe what envirnments (desktop, etc) they have
set up
> to feel comfortable, etc.
> Kind of like a lighening talk session of how people use linux as
> primary computer environment.
> See You
>     Steve
> On Mon, Apr 04, 2016 at 12:52:57PM +1000, George at Clug wrote:
> >     
> > I am stilll interested in reviewing people's thoughts on using
> > for your primary computing devies' operating system.
> > 
> > Are any others interested. in this topic.
> > 
> > George.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > At Monday, 04-04-2016 on 11:27 Steven Hanley wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > All
> > 
> > I think we were lucky to have a pretty cool talk on ownCloud for
> > March.
> > 
> > The next CLUG meeting is on April 28th.
> > 
> > Does anyone have talk ideas/subjects?  Or know someone doing
> > stuff with
> > open source or geeky linux friendly hardware or similar that may
> > to
> > talk about it?
> > 
> > See You
> >     Steve
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