[clug] Linux on atom processor

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sat Apr 2 21:48:59 UTC 2016

On 2/04/2016 5:02 pm, Adrian Blake wrote:
> I recently acquired an new netbook running win 10 . I though it should be
> an easy matter to install linux. How wrong I was. Some details and then
> suggestions please.
> The machine is Irbis TW45 It uses an Atom Z3735G processor, and this I
> believe is the problem. It also uses UEFI or BIOS boot.
> I can get to a point in an Ubuntu distro where I have a choice to run live
> or install. A few lines and then blank. The USB device is being read but
> still nothing.
> Any experience or suggestions.
> Adrian

I have a similar netbook (Lenovo even), and I thought I'd have
no problems with Linux - how wrong I was...

I ended up installing Debian Jessie into a small partition, which
works except for the keyboard (!), so I need to use a USB keyboard
when booting from that partition.

Debian seems to grok UEFI (32-bit for my netbook!) and is happy
to install the bootloader etc. and even add entries for kernels
found on other partitions.

I then installed Ubuntu 15.10 on the main partition (only has a
32GB SDIO-connected flash device - and quite slow). Ubuntu works
mostly, but power management is a big issue. With the r8723bs WiFi
driver installed, the machine appears to eventually hang (I _think_
it is still running, but with the display blanked, so no way of

My next step it to try and keep a USB wired NIC running when the
machine "hangs" to see if I can get back in over SSH.

I also need to try a recommendation from Chris to use a different
UEFI management tool. I need to ping him on the details of that as
I can't remember what it was he recommended.

I have spent hours on this one machine so far and it is quite

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


Bob Edwards.

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