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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Tue Nov 10 23:54:36 UTC 2015

     Quoting "then I suppose I can go ahead with a talk on IPv6..."

: ) 

Home automation does sound interesting, but for me at the moment, IPv6
is pertinent as I want to set up a new Firewall, DMZ, and secure
internal networks, without IPv6 circumventing the configuration.  So
how to test IPv6 will be useful information, as will configuring and

At the moment, most of what I read about IPv6 on the internet is how
to disable it.  It seems few people really know how to set it up, and
that many systems are not fully IPv6 capable, so finding how to
correctly manage IPv4 and IPv6 running in parallel for SSH, Apache,
FTP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS,  all behind a IPv4 and IPv6 firewalls/DMZs is
the challenge.  (I am sure that I have forgotten other required

If I connect my home automation to the Internet I want it to be
secure. In fact I don't think I would ever connect my home automation
to the Internet.  Just keep it local. Is that reasonable? Or is the
idea of home automation to have it connected to the Internet. 

I still argue that the Internet was never designed to need security,
only to share information, if we want to do secure stuff on a global
network, we should design and implement a secure global network from
the ground up, using a whole different networking paradigm.



At Wednesday, 11-11-2015 on 10:16 Bob Edwards wrote:

On 11/11/15 10:05, Chris Smart wrote:
> On 10/11/15 11:35, Bob Edwards wrote:
>> Happy to do a talk on IPv6, but looks like this months slot is
>> December is usually a time for partying, don't know if we are
>> on a CLUG main meeting.
>> We could go for January, given that LCA 2016 is actually on in
> I'm would be more than happy to move my talk to January, will give
> more time to get things done.
> Steve, is that OK?
> -c

Woah - hang on... that mean I have a lot _less_ time to prepare a talk
on IPv6... (like, 8 days!).

On the other hand, if it helps you out, Chris, and no-one else is
to be devastated at not getting a talk on HA* this month, then I
I can go ahead with a talk on IPv6...


Bob Edwards.

*ha ha, Home Automation, not High Availability etc. etc. etc.

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