[clug] Memory issues

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Fri May 29 03:19:59 MDT 2015

On 29/05/15 16:45, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 29/05/15 12:30, Paul Rands wrote:
>> I am
>> finding whenever I have GIMP or Chrome running for long periods I tend
>> to suddenly run low on memory and the machine is busy swapping to hard
>> disk all the time. Sometimes I can recover by closing some tabs or
>> programs other times the computer eventually hangs. 
>> I have found
>> Chrome sometimes doesn't close its tab instances properly when checking
>> in the System Monitor. 
> Which version of Google Chrome please?
> System diagnostic data from Chrome settings -> Advanced??
> esp. mem_usage e.g.:-

> Can you dump the output of top with Chrome running when the problem is
> not occurring, while a minimal number of other programs are running.

NOTE: the following command is one line, but the list will wrap and
indent it so remove the ">" to use it.

top ibcd .1 | egrep -v "top|Cpu|Mem|Swap|Tasks|PID|top ibcd|^$|tee -a" |
tee -a TOP_LOG

(hit Ctrl+C to stop logging)

> Repeat the process when your system locks (you may need to ssh in from
> another box).

If you can log in then the system is not totally locked up. Stop the
logging with "kill -KILL $Pid". Get the $Pid with "ps aux|grep top"
(pick the correct process from the list).

If you can't log in just kill the system locked box in your usual manner
- the log should still be created.

 Kind regards

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