[clug] Memory issues

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Fri May 29 00:45:28 MDT 2015

On 29/05/15 12:30, Paul Rands wrote:
> Hi Guys, 
> I wanted to try here first before I waste hours Googling
> and trawling umpteen forums with a problem with memory running out. 
> I
> have an AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor system, quad core, running at
> 3 GHz. 6 GB RAM. Oodles of hard disk space. Linux Mint Mate 17. 
> I am
> finding whenever I have GIMP or Chrome running for long periods I tend
> to suddenly run low on memory and the machine is busy swapping to hard
> disk all the time. Sometimes I can recover by closing some tabs or
> programs other times the computer eventually hangs. 
> I have found
> Chrome sometimes doesn't close its tab instances properly when checking
> in the System Monitor. 
> I am hoping for some suggestions / ideas, that
> might help resolve things. I use Chrome because it keeps everything in
> one account and one browser across Linux, iOS, Mac OS, Windows and
> Android. 
> Thanks in advance 

Which version of Google Chrome please?

System diagnostic data from Chrome settings -> Advanced??
esp. mem_usage e.g.:-
Browser 62 MB private, 117 MB shared
Tab (Chrome) [About] 32 MB private, 78 MB shared
Extension [Feedback|Feedback] 20 MB private, 62 MB shared
Tab [Chrome] 19 MB private, 70 MB shared
Tab (Chrome) [Chrome] 15 MB private, 48 MB shared
Extension [GaiaAuthExtension] 13 MB private, 42 MB shared
Tab (Chrome) [Untitled] 7 MB private, 38 MB shared
Pepper Plugin Broker [Shockwave Flash] 5 MB private, 29 MB shared
Zygote 4 MB private, 5 MB shared

Have you tried isolating the problem by seeing if you can recreate the
issue without GIMP running? Try loading a few tabs with javascript and
flash in them (note the tabs and reuse for other tests).

Can you dump the output of top with Chrome running when the problem is
not occurring, while a minimal number of other programs are running.
Repeat the process when your system locks (you may need to ssh in from
another box).

Kind regards

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