[clug] CLUG Meeting - 28 Mayil 2015

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Thu May 28 00:04:33 MDT 2015

Hi All,
    I have to apologise.  My phone just told me that there is a CLUG meeting
tonight[1].  For in-adequate reasons I have failed to arrange a speaker for
tonight.  Also for a different set of in-adequate reasons I'm unable to be
there tonight.

There is a *very slim* chance that Jan-Christoph Kuester from NICTA may show up
with an awesome sounding presentation about "Monitoring real Android malware".
If he does it's due to his flexibility rather than any organisation on my
part.  In the probable scenario that you're "on your own" tonight was supposed
to be "PSIG content".

Many apologies
[1] Which was very nice of it but a little more notice would have been nice.
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