[clug] On-line security [was Personal paranoia]

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sun Mar 22 23:53:23 MDT 2015

Thanks, George:

> I may have been the person who started the "personal internet security" thread, if not, at times I certainly have contributed to it.

Security is a feature of Linux. So perception of security issues can be 
a reason to adopt Linux!

> How about a wife and children are relocated and given a new home away from a violent father, a criminal person trying to start a new life, someone trying to get a way from a stalker.

If they're after you and you've fled interstate--how might your on-line 
habits give you away?

> I am not even sure that I want a shop window to recognise me, look up my purchases and start displaying items that I previously bought for people who are with me to see my purchasing habits (I buy way too much cheap-brand chocolate).

Nowadays the few ads that get through, seem more personally targeted!

> I realise that if I use Microsoft Windows, if I use Google search engine, then my personal privacy will be decreased.

Th's why I avoid doing either!

> I do not use Facebook because it was a given that using such applications decreases your privacy. I was able to control that by choosing not to use Facebook.

I would like to know what triggers spam.

> Soon I will have to stop using Microsoft Windows, so will Linux provide me the privacy I once enjoyed.

By reading textbooks and magazines, I have found tips for securing my 

> You may all laugh at this, but the first time it really hit me was when I was was trailing Windows 8.1 and it grabbed all my photos and started to display them on my unattended computer (a screen saver like action I think), but I did not want all my photos displayed to every one to see, and I had not asked it.

That is fly-by-wire.

> The OS thought it knew better.

Airbus pilots say the same!

> So here I am just asking where will all this face recognition, cloud storage of private and personal information, massive live databases of our data going to go.

I am most concerned about advertising/spam.

> Up to know the community and technical limitations has placed safeguards on the government, but now they want to remove the safeguards,  and the big corporations, criminal element, terrorist groups do not care about safeguards.

"God is in His heaven, and all is well with the world."

> Can Linux be operating system that can provide people with an alternative means of communications with a reasonable level of privacy?

I haven't tried out the following privacy-oriented distros.



> I guess it is too late but the community in general needs to open there eyes and see what is happening.

Only a tiny minority are politically active.

> Whether they can stop this or not, who knows.

Every man for himself!


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