[clug] iVote compromise

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 23 03:15:23 MDT 2015

Too late now, but I just returned from an excellent talk at ANU
by Prof. J Alex Halderman ( https://jhalderm.com/ ) about online
voting vulnerabilities, in which he discussed his latest compromise
(along with Prof. Vanessa Teague) of the NSW iVote system:

Great stuff. Also discussed work he has done on the Estonia online
system, built on Debian GNU/Linux! (YEAH! got a Linux ref. in there!)

Also discussed various other open (and close) source voting systems.

Anyone else on this list there? Alas, I am not sure if the ANUs brave
new proprietry lecture recording system did the business for us. We'll


Bob Edwards.

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