[clug] Small device fir mythtv frontent.

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Sun Mar 1 17:57:26 MST 2015

On 02/03/15 11:23, Paul Warren wrote:
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> I've just put a PC on the TV, with a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo,
> and used NFS mounts to the storage server.
> Easy intuitive interface of a file browser, and mplayer set up to play
> things on a double-click.
> Simple, and easy enough to find videos.  You don't get all the
> metadata searching though (I.E find me all movies I have starting
> Johnny Depp).
> And I have firefox for Youtube/iView etc.
> Having an actual PC has been so much a better experience for the
> household in comparison to the various apps on the smart tv, or an
> apple TV thingo, or the WDTV.  They're all a bit low powered and
> designed for a compromised user interface (the remote!)
> I did try a similar setup with my RaspberryPi, but it was a bit slow
> and clunky, and the codec support wasn't great.  There's probably
> something about now that'll do the job and be a bit more appliance
> like, THe half tower PC next to the audio gear is a bit conspicuous!
> - --
> Paul

So, in theme with Dashing Dave's wonderful discussion of his trials
and tribulations with his $1500+ HP laptop with 16GB RAM etc., at
the other end of the scale, what is the lowest priced laptop available
off the shelf in Canberra that can drive full HD (HDMI) from only
open-source software (none of this crazy RaPi binary-only blob

Is there anything available in the $300 ball-park?

As for RaPi alternatives, I have been happy with my pcDuino (no binary
blobs, comes with Ubuntu installed, does FHD).


Bob Edwards.

> On 02/03/15 10:55, Andrew Janke wrote:
>> On 2 March 2015 at 09:33, Miller-Kelly, Cody <cody at themiller.co>
>> wrote:
>>> Plex Home Theatre
>> On this note, what do others use here? Specifically for streaming
>> files from linux to a smart TV. In my case I have a Sony Bravia
>> and was a big fan of ps3mediaserver, but the project seems dead and
>> it's no longer in official repositories since about Ubuntu 13.10.
>> I tried plex but it just didn't float the boat, laggy, picky about
>> media formats, seemed to be a resource hog.
>> I note the Universal Media Server that has forked from
>> ps3mediaserver but it too seems buggy, also tried a barebones
>> integrated streaming thing but forget its name. Currently I've
>> given up, anyone got pointers into where I should invest/waste time
>> getting this to work again?
>> ta
>> a
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