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Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Jul 28 11:16:18 UTC 2015

Dear Scott:

> If that's the perspective and the documentation conforms to the requirements that has been written about in this thread - perhaps the user needs to change their perspective?

I have explained (the difficulty of making) digital electronics to a 
clueless guy. It can be done, though that may seem a thankless task.

> It's possible they may be need to readjust their aim instead of obsessively trying to find entry at the wrong level.

So reference to a lower-level on-line source would help.

> I was only joking about wearing a crash helmet because I made the mistake of aiming too high when starting to learn SDR. In reality I just restart the learning process at a lower level.

I have shelved projects. Because of not having readily-available support.

> It's not 'the' way to learn things, but is 'a' way.

I have appreciated resources suggested on this list.

> It seems more effective than bashing my head, or expecting the gnuradio developers to cater to those new to radio design don't you think?

Visiting the moon must have been a difficult project. Yet it inspired 
many to take up science and technology!

> Putting all of http://www.gnuradio.org/redmine/projects/gnuradio/wiki/GNURadioCompanion into a man or info file would be pointless, it's not even the full documentation for GNU Radio.

Referring to easier documentation can't hurt.

> Good as it is it's certainly not a guide for those new to radio design.

I made radios as a kid. These projects often didn't work well. But they 
helped build a scientific career!

> That also would be an unworkable proposition - and redundant given that there are other resources for that purpose.

My university tutor said that master's degrees were consolation prizes. 
Given to students who missed the PhD grade.

> I can understand how removing the non-standard words may help generate a more accurate readability index score - though common grammar problems with be detected regardless.

I was given a policy to rewrite. For tip supervisors with year ten 
reading skill. Yet it scored postgraduate education requirement! So I 
rewrote it in cat-on-the-mat style. And a typist said she understood it 
perfectly. But a lawyer whined that it couldn't express required jargon. 
And the boss was incensed that she couldn't impress her boss! That 
organisation "lost its contract" for doing that stuff.

> More importantly a low readability score may not mean a useful condensed version of technical document.

A horticultural technician told me that his reading ability was that of 
an eleven year old. Yet he made a huge sieve for reusing a costly soil 

> I'm guessing you did not find the referenced xkcd relevant(?)

Thanks. I correspond about evolution with Americans. Many of whom are 
ignorant of biology. So they are Young Earth Creationists! You gotta 
start somewhere. Like where the other party is at.

-- www.netspeed.com.au/bryan/

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