[clug] Man pages.

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 07:25:55 UTC 2015

On 28/07/15 16:25, Bryan Kilgallin wrote:
> Scott:
>> Doesn't that meant that you are then testing the readability score for
>> gibberish?
> That could be a user's perspective on software documentation!

Indeed it could be a perspective problem.

If that's the perspective and the documentation conforms to the
requirements that has been written about in this thread - perhaps the
user needs to change their perspective?

It's possible they may be need to readjust their aim instead of
obsessively trying to find entry at the wrong level.

I was only joking about wearing a crash helmet because I made the
mistake of aiming too high when starting to learn SDR.
In reality I just restart the learning process at a lower level. It's
not 'the' way to learn things, but is 'a' way.

It seems more effective than bashing my head, or expecting the gnuradio
developers to cater to those new to radio design don't you think?

Putting all of
into a man or info file would be pointless, it's not even the full
documentation for GNU Radio. Good as it is it's certainly not a guide
for those new to radio design. That also would be an unworkable
proposition - and redundant given that there are other resources for
that purpose.

I can understand how removing the non-standard words may help generate a
more accurate readability index score - though common grammar problems
with be detected regardless. More importantly a low readability score
may not mean a useful condensed version of technical document.

I'm guessing you did not find the referenced xkcd relevant(?)


Kind regards

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