[clug] PLEASE HELP! I have angered the network printing gods!

Boyd W boydwilding at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 19:18:18 MDT 2015

When you say you've powercycled the printer, make sure you unplug it completely  from power, and let it drain for 15 mins. Sometimes this brings devices back to life if it's a weird PSU issue.

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</div>Hi everyone I'm desperate for help. I've tried like two things and I'm all
out of ideas.

I've got a HP Pavilion 15 running Ubuntu 12.04
I've got the crappy wireless router my ISP sent me since the old one needed
replacing anyway.
I've got a Brother HL-3170CDW from OfficeWorks.

Everything was going swimmingly. Colour, duplex, a little trouble with
really unusual fonts but I've gone through a few hundred pages, mostly b&w,
in the few months I've had it.

Yesterday I had two jobs. Print a few info leaflets for a demonstration and
print a menu to make comments.

I ran out of each colour at the same time, replaced them all, the job
finished (with some errors toward the end that usually occur when I try to
send through weird pictures or fonts, but still, they printed) and then

I've re-installed the printer, power cycled the wireless, power cycled the
printer and then re-connected it to the network from scratch (re-entered
the password and everything), deleted the printer on the laptop and then
re-found it and re-installed it, installed necessary updates, power cycled
the laptop. The same test page has been in the queue for 15 hours.

I'm using a driver called HL-3170CDW CUPS that came up during the wizard.
The printer status message says deep sleep but the data light is on.

Any ideas or places I can look for advice?

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