[clug] Full Circle

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Jan 13 09:00:08 MST 2015

I have been reading the English edition of Issue #11.
It was also published in Chinese, French, Hungarian, Italian and 
Traditional Chinese.

The busy cover was about Linux distributions, a music player and encryption.

The news section was packed with Ubuntu software upgrades, and a game. 
There were also news of a communication device for the elderly, and a 

An article compared the features of Ubuntu and Linux Mint, being 
especially glowing about the latter!

Having forgotten a PIN when I had `flu, I was unconvinced by the article 
on encrypting volumes!

A cluttered contents page listed lots of how-to articles.

The first was a technical article on compiling music-playing software to 
enable use of a locked MP3 player. The lead-up to installing a script on 
the iPod, looked complicated! And I was unfamiliar with Amarok. Still 
the procedure was reportedly error-prone. :-(

Following this was another technical article on typesetting. Though I 
found the LaTeX code readable. It seems a long time since I laid out a 
complex page for print!

A technical article was on Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and 
Windows interoperability. It started with adding a subnet to a server. 
Next was creating a Windows shared directory. Lastly the file share 
needed technical configuration.

The editorial was welcoming.

A long but readable article reviewed Ubuntu on a laptop. Unable to get 
the built-in wireless working, the author plugged in a wireless card! As 
the default DVD player wouldn't work, he installed a different video 
player. But after every Ubuntu security update--he had to rebuild his 
audio software!

A readable article distinguished between distributions and Linux.

A boy described his family's conversion to Linux. But they still used 
Wine for office applications!

An interviewed Italian developer had a messy desktop, but a spiffy neat 
desk! He was enthusiastic about packaging and localising for Italians. 
And he explained how he learned to maintain packages.

The woman's article was about functional decomposition. I like being 

The youth mentioned the OpenMoko phone. He promoted consumer choice.

The letter of the month complained about video codecs. I found the other 
letters varied and amusing!

The question-and-answer section was helpful. As recommended, I tweaked 
my file manager's preview preferences.

Divergent desktops were on an ASUS laptop and a custom PC! The laptop's 
extensively tweaked screen appearance looked pleasant and original. 
Whereas the PC desktop looked pretty.

Side-scrolling jump & bump games, and a shooter were reviewed. I 
installed an open source/freeware applications portal.

The magazine ended with credits and invitation to input.


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