[clug] Full Circle

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Wed Jan 7 07:15:20 MST 2015

When reading the tenth edition of this Ubuntu community magazine, I felt 
more involved.

The cover article was about an ASUS EEE laptop running Xubuntu. That 
little clamshell was reviewed in a long article.

But the contents' shrunken images were somewhat unreadable!

The editorial foreshadowed an interview. Wherein an Ubuntu/Debian 
developer showed his messy desk!

News was of tacky Microsoft advertising. And an Ubuntu upgrade was 

Installing Linux Mint was illustrated.

Compiling from source looked technical!

Tux Paint was illustrated.

Video compression with AcidRip was illustrated.

A somewhat technical article was on installing and configuring Xubuntu.

An enthusiast's article described the history of independent game 
development. Then I installed one of five recommended chess applications!

An article favourably compared Linux to Microsoft applications.

The women's section was about team-building.

The youth page promoted a calculator, office suite and IRC client.

Foreshadowed was a podcast about a Linux conference.

A reader panned a software delivery service!

The question-and-answer session seemed helpful.

Readers showed off two very different desktop layouts.

The magazine ended by asking for reader input.


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