[clug] DIY cloud services?

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Sat Feb 14 16:01:11 MST 2015

Hi Paul, 

I'm also interested in setting up my own cloud. 

The current post on "The end of the personal computer is nigh " indicates, in my opinion, the only good thing about storing data on a cloud is that it is a backup in case of disaster. For example, if a fire destroys everything then one can restore the information from the cloud. 

I have thought that having an encrypted hard disk as a cloud, stored at a good friends home, (and visa versa) would be a great way of backing up our data without the multinationals having my data. But how does one achieve this? I'll have to ask a few of my friends who are still in the IT business. 

I'll get back to you of it find out more but in the meantime I'm keen to hear what others think. 



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---- Paul Wilson wrote ----

> The other day I came across OwnCloud open source project, and I was going
> to give it a try as up until now I was using a combination of google and
> ftp sync to my android phone and tablet.
> I have a mythtv box I was going to use to host the service.
> So before I do I was wondering if anyone is using some other software to
> sync a share.
> On a side note how do people store there photos?
> PW
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