[clug] The end of the personal computer age is nigh !

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Fri Feb 13 21:45:07 MST 2015


> That is why I do not have a google account (I download apps to my phone using Aptoide), nor Facebook, nor Flickr, nor any other account that stores my information and tracks my information.

I am concerned that my political party and its members use Gmail. Which 
in such an opposed and competitive undertaking, I think is a liability! 
How would you persuade folk to change their ways?

> Regarding Linux cloud, if Ubuntu demands that I use a cloud then I'll move to some other OS or never upgrade.

I was not aware of that development; please advise.

> I'm totally against tracking my information and I go out of my way to prevent it.

Australian government corporations (such as the Australian Taxation 
office and Centrelink) routinely trade their customers' details between 
themselves! The same applies to financial institutions and 
creditworthiness agencies.


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