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George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Fri Feb 13 06:10:10 MST 2015


Thanks for responding.  I am looking for a Sync client (think M$
OneDrive), not WebDAV Share drive mapping as in WebDrive.

Yes the server that I am connecting to is running Apache WebDAV on


At Friday, 13-02-2015 on 23:44 Scott Ferguson wrote:

On 13/02/15 22:35, George at Clug wrote:
>     Hi,
> I am looking for a WebDAV Sync Windows client that will allow me to
> sync files from a folder from a local drive from a Windows 7 or
> Windows 8 computer to a WebDAV server via the Internet.
> Below are some links that I have found.  Does anyone have
> in this area and would like to comment ?

M$ Web Folders worked just fine for me when I was forced to use the

>From dodgy memory (and M$ PTSD nightmares that wake me drenched in
1. Right-click somewhere(? Desktop Tile in v8, My Computer in V7)
2. Create New Network Connection
3. Enter URL e.g. https://webfolders.george.clug
4. Clickety on the Next button (in glorious 2D)
5. Enter username & passwd
6. Name the Connection.

Curious - why do you want an alternative client?

I'm guessing the server you want to connect to is running Linux.... ;p

Kind regards
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